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Your car is a spy : how cars affect your privacy.

Your vehicle represents a particularly intimate space, often perceived as an extension of your home. This enclosed space is so privileged that sometimes, people share their greatest secrets, without realizing inside the cabin is where your private life is most exposed. The advent of connected vehicles and the many features…

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Noël sous Attaque : Comment les cybercriminels s’emparent des fêtes pour escroquer ?

Le Père Noël ne vous apportera pas de cadeaux si vous ne prenez pas soin de vos données ! La période des fêtes de fin d’année n’est pas uniquement synonyme de célébrations joyeuses, elle est aussi une aubaine pour les cybercriminels d’escroquer les consommateurs. Selon le rapport de la Direction…

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GDPR Washing: when companies misrepresent GDPR compliance

Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become a critical issue for businesses in the digital age. GDPR aims to safeguard the privacy of European citizens by regulating how companies handle their personal data. However, a concerning phenomenon is gaining momentum: "GDPR Washing." Indeed, companies claim to…

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Latin America and its critical cybersecurity issues

  In recent years, cybersecurity has become a significant issue that affects governments, companies, and citizens alike. The increasing dependence on technology and the digitization of essential processes have brought about a new kind of threat that impacts all citizens equally. Their data is at risk if it falls into…

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La non conformité RGPD comme acte de concurrence déloyale

Après plusieurs années d’incitation à la conformité RGPD, les juges passent à l’offensive et retiennent désormais le raisonnement selon lequel, un manquement aux exigences imposées par le RGPD constitue un acte de concurrence déloyale. En effet, deux récentes affaires illustrent la position actuelle des juridictions sur le sujet. Un nouveau…

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Digital hoarding: the new digital disease

On “TLC”, there is a program called “Hoarding: Buried Alive”, where one can see people with hoarding problems, accumulating tons and tons of “trash” and all kinds of objects. Imagine that, but in the virtual world. For some people, being surrounded by information triggered a new addiction: digital hoarding.


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