You are currently viewing Chloé is launching its latest collection with Digital ID to enable “instant resale” in the future

Being able to track a product all the way from the field to the finished garment, by using your phone. This is the goal of the french luxury brand Chloé. 

Chloé is introducing a circular fashion initiative called Chloé Vertical, which will be a part of its upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 collection. This new collection will include items that are made from 100% traceable materials and will feature Digital IDs that can be scanned for “Instant Resale” a first for the industry. Vestiaire Collective will host the resale of Chloé Vertical items, providing sellers with an offered price upon uploading photos and details of the product. Payment will be delivered to the seller as soon as the product is sold.

Chloé’s CEO and President, Riccardo Bellini, expressed his satisfaction in providing Chloé customers worldwide with the ability to make informed decisions about the transparency, traceability, and circularity of the brand’s products. With the simple click of a Digital ID, customers can instantly resell their pre-loved Chloé Vertical items. The goal of Chloé Vertical is to encourage circularity by simplifying the process of reselling pre-owned products. Other fashion brands, such as Levis, Mulberry, and Ralph Lauren, are also adopting digital identification as a tool to promote supply chain traceability and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Each product in the Chloé Vertical collection comes with a unique Digital ID embedded in an NFC tag or QR code. Customers can scan this ID to access information about the product, including details about the manufacturing process, care instructions, and a certificate of authenticity. The certificate of authenticity features a unique ownership number and a link to Vestiaire Collective, the resale platform for Chloé Vertical products. Chloé is the first brand to launch a resale system using digital ID technology and wishes to implement a digital ID on all its products starting in 2025. The digital ID technology is powered by EON, a participant in the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s fashion Task-Force.

The Chairman of The Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Fashion Task Force, Federico Marchetti, praised Chloé’s implementation of the Digital ID and its effort to empower customers to make informed and sustainable purchasing decisions. Marchetti also commended Chloé’s management for their foresight in using technology to make positive changes in the industry. Chloé is taking a significant step forward in implementing the Digital ID, and its commitment to sustainability is a shining example for other brands to follow.

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