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Burberry’s Social Retail Store in Shenzhen, China: the first of its kind

It is impossible to name a brand that is not present on social networks today. All brands have understood the challenge of social networks. From Facebook to TikTok, through Instagram, social networks are used according to the strategies of the brands. Indeed, the different existing social networks have quite different vocations: while Instagram is more of a “showcase” for the brand, TikTok is the new tool that allows brands to improve the interest and engagement of their customers.

However, some brands go further than the simple use of social networks, as Burberry, which has embarked on a unique adventure, since the famous British brand opened on July 31, 2020 a Social Retail Store in Shenzhen, China. Thanks to a collaboration with Tencent, Burberry allows its customers to connect their real lives to their digital lives.

Image credit: Burberry

A collaboration between Burberry and Tencent

This works thanks to a mini WeChat program which brings the store to life by being a real personal digital assistant. The latter offers the customer specific services, such as making an appointment in the store, booking a fitting room or accessing to events. In addition, each customer has a digital avatar that will evolve according to the interactions made and the rewards received. The higher the customer’s engagement, the more unique and exclusive content they will be able to unlock and share through Burberry’s social currency.

The future: phygital retail stores

“Burberry has always been a brand of firsts, built on a belief that creativity has the power to open spaces. We test new ideas and push the boundaries of what’s possible. When it came to innovating around social and retail, China was the obvious place to go as home to some of the most digitally savvy luxury customers. Together with Tencent, we have pioneered a new concept that will redefine expectations of luxury retail. The first step in an exclusive partnership between our companies, Burberry’s social retail store in Shenzhen is a place of discovery that connects and rewards customers as they explore online and in store. It marks a shift in how we engage with our customers and we can’t wait to share this innovative experience with the world.”
Marco Gobbetti – CEO at Burberry

This concept of “phygital” stores remains unique and is still in its infancy. Even if brands, and particularly luxury brands, are active on social networks, few of them take initiatives to go beyond the rather limited framework presented by each social network taken independently.

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