(1) How Spotify shapes the digital economy?

The integration of the Internet into our lives has changed our habits. While about 10 years ago, the music industry consisted of the distribution of physical copies of musical works, via CD or vinyl, today we see its emergence on Web 2.0. Therefore, the trendiest way to access music and other audio content such as podcasts is audio streaming.


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Une Cyberattaque bloque Alma pendant 50 jours ! 

Alma est un observatoire astronomique basé dans le plateau de Chajnantor à 5000 mètres d’altitude. En fin d’année 2022, elle a subit une cyberattaque de grande ampleur, bloquant les systèmes pendant plus de 50 jours ! Il est temps de dresser un bilan de l’attaque.  C’est un coup difficile pour…

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Amazon to conquer e-health: the launch of RxPass

On January 24, Amazon launched the online service RxPass. It is a 5-dollar per month subscription (for Amazon Prime customers) that allows them to obtain generic prescription drugs in limited quantities at no additional cost. The company estimates that the subscription will save customers about 100 dollars per year. RX…

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