Watching 3D movies on a smartphone through a cellular connection? That sounds like a vision of the future. The South Korean technology company Samsung is testing for the first time the technique by which this will be possible. The 5G connection will only be introduced in 2020.
After the introduction of mobile fourth generation (4G), the South Korean technology group Samsung prepares now the faster successor technology. It is the first time that a 5G wireless connection was build with success, the company said.



The South Korean company realized a transfer of data over a distance of two kilometers at a speed of one gigabit per second. The 4G technology, also known as LTE, that is available in Europe since 2011,comes to speeds of up to 100 megabits per second.

The new 5G technology will, however, take a long time to come. The using of this technology is expected at the earliest 2020, according to Samsung. “Users will be able to use a wide range of services, such as new 3D movies and games, as well as the transfer of ultra-high-definition movies,” the company said.
Samsung also said that a faster wireless network could help give rise to advanced medical services, since doctors would need high-resolution images to work remotely.
The new technology uses a very high frequency band, which (is)was not used for mobile communications until yet. It has not yet been recognized by the international telecommunication authorities.