A press release from Facebook indicated on Friday, June 21st, 2013 several months of breakdown of software having entailed the sharing of leaks of e-mail address and telephone numbers of about 6 million users.

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The origin of this bug would concern the recording of its archives via the network “Download Your Information” by a user. It would have affected the system of friends’ recommendation and downloading your personal information would have been associated to others accounts. This action would have entailed the archiving of these data, e-mail address and the phone number, of the recommended persons.

This case embarrasses Facebook in a context where protection of personal data and mistrust of operators are becoming more important. However, Facebook asserts that no proof allows to say that this breakdown was brightly used.

The social network also took measures to their users by informing them about the situation by e-mail but also by informing the authorities. Facebook minimizes however the impact of these leaks of data with the fact that they were made only between connected persons. However, this arguments cannot suit everybody even if Facebook seems to have not received any complaint yet.

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