Save money by turning off your appliances

According to a study of AFP-Powermetrix barometer made ​​by Wattgo “electronic devices in standby would cost two billion Euros per year.”


While a confusion about a third higher electricity prices in 2015, this is a simple idea to save money: turning off all electronic devices rather than pause them.
Indeed, at the household level, this usually represents 11% of the electricity consumption per household is 86 Euros or the equivalent of 7 8 vials constantly on for a year. At the national level, “the passive consumption of household appliances” represents nearly 2 billion per year for France.
In electronics, the study includes televisions but also game consoles, Internet boxes or chargers not disconnected phones.
The co-leader of Wattgo Mr. Terral says “We chose a broad definition, what you measure is what remains connected and consumes without being asked.”
In reality, (suite…)

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