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According to a study of AFP-Powermetrix barometer made ​​by Wattgo “electronic devices in standby would cost two billion Euros per year.”

Source: http://www.lesnumeriques.com/consommation-electrique-appareils-domestiques-a1538.html

While a confusion about a third higher electricity prices in 2015, this is a simple idea to save money: turning off all electronic devices rather than pause them.
Indeed, at the household level, this usually represents 11% of the electricity consumption per household is 86 Euros or the equivalent of 7 8 vials constantly on for a year. At the national level, “the passive consumption of household appliances” represents nearly 2 billion per year for France.
In electronics, the study includes televisions but also game consoles, Internet boxes or chargers not disconnected phones.
The co-leader of Wattgo Mr. Terral says “We chose a broad definition, what you measure is what remains connected and consumes without being asked.”
In reality,
for an electronic device no longer uses any, it should be off the strip on which the device is plugged in and not just the device itself as a TV “off” position is still consuming.
To overcome this situation, the European Commission adopted a new regulation aimed at limiting the power consumption of new appliances. They should not consume more than 1 to 2 watts.

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