This was the long-awaited evolution of the Télérecours application. As a reminder, this application which was set up by the Decree of the 21th December 2012 allows the dematerialization of exchanges between the parties and the administrative jurisdictions.

Initially tested by the Conseil d’Etat and some jurisdiction only, Télérecours is now used by all courts and administrative courts of appeal.

If the electronic platform could only be used by a limited number of people (lawyers, legal persons published and organized private) for sending requests, briefs and parts, it is now open to citizens.

” Télérecours citoyens “

The use of Télérecours is mandatory since January 1, 2017, and therefore the transmission by electronic litigation proceedings before the Council of State, aministrative court of appeal and administrative court.

Télérecours citoyens are launched on May 7, 2018. The administrative courts of Melun and Cergy are the first to experiment with this use of teleservice until Novembre 30 which is the date of accessibility of the application for the other courts.

For the moment, the use for the applicants is not obligatory and they will be able to choose and to send their requests or their pieces by post or to deposit them by hand at the reception of the court. 

The decree of April 6, 2018 opens to citizens and corporations which are not represented by a lawyer but to seize the administrative jurisdiction by a teleservice.

To summarize, citizens as well as lawyers and administrations will have an easier and less expensive access to the courts while having access to his file at any time.

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