Put your smartphone a few inches above a printed magazine or newspaper to trigger videos, slideshows or graphics picture: more and more of titles from the press adopt this digital technology.
Just like L’Express, which celebrated its 60th anniversary this Tuesday by launching the new formula of the print magazine “Augmentee”, “Le Figaro”, “20 Minutes” or sports daily “L’Equipe” proposed last few weeks for their readers equipped with smartphones or tablets to access to the multimedia contents as related in the printed version of the article.
Thus, with a simple free application “The Express-Connect”, the reader can scan for example the page 5 of the weekly magazine dated from 15 May to watch “the editorial Christophe Barbier” video on his smartphone. On the other page 61, you can get information about Cahuzac case, while the page 119 permit you to accede the trailer of the film “The Great Gatsby” presented at the opening of the great festival at Cannes.

Source : leparisien.fr

The technology developed by the French start-up Moodstocks, allows to the scanned page to be recognized and to trigger to the device the content associated with the page.
“This tool is ideal to have a real straight link between the paper version and internet” told Eric Mettout (AFP), the manager in charge of the edition Digital Express.
“Today, you have to download a separate application. But if the experiment will be successful, we will reinstate all in our main application,” explains Raphaél Labbé, director of the group Innovation Express-Roularta.