Mission accomplished for electronic range HAPIfork

The Girondin Fabrice Boutain, CEO of the French company Slowcontrol has captivated America during the show high tech 2013 International CES in Las Vegas with electronic range HAPIfork.

Source : saveursdunet.com

HAPIfork is a smart range that enables users to examine their eating habits to change. The objective is to eat less to lose weight quickly.
The principle is simple, the range is connected to a smartphone or computer, and when the user eats too fast (two bites in less than ten seconds), it vibrates.
With a USB port, the range also allows you to record data on the dietary habits of users: number of shots range, duration of the meal hours, regularity, meal composition etc.. Simply plug the key on his computer to find the dashboard via the Internet or a mobile application. Furthermore, while electronic, fork goes in the dishwasher thanks to its removable part.

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