The Virtual Reality

The virtual reality is a dream everyone hoped for years: the only fact to connect a device on your head in order to evolve in some different worlds might change our habits for a long time. Indeed, the digital world has been continuing its sciences progress and it will still continue. Even if it’s still young, virtual reality might be a new evolution in several forms of work and hobbies. That’s why we will drop an eye on its most important aspects. (suite…)

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Dive into another world with virtual reality

Since Facebook bought Oculus Rift in March 2014 for $2 billion, it is clear where the future of Human-Computer Interaction is leading us to: Virtual Reality. If you never heard of Oculus Rift, imagine Snowboard goggles, but instead of lenses you have a HD LCD-Display. On this, you see a side-by-side (SBS) split screen. Together with a pair of lenses, these split images are overlaid and create a 3D effect. That’s it, put the headset on and you dive in your 3D virtual reality (works also for short sighted people up to 8 dioptre).


By moving your head, you control the displayed image and you can look around. Imagine it with Google Street View – walk through the streets of New York! If it is getting boring, put yourself in a rollercoaster within a second and get thrilled like in the real amusement park. (suite…)

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Facebook buying virtual reality firm Oculus VR for $2 billion

When you give money to support a project on Kickstarter, does it make you a donator or an investor ? That was the question when the news of Facebook buying Oculus came out.
Oculus began it’s adventure as a small group of developers in a garage, with a bright idea. They post their idea on Kickstarter, hoping to crowdfund the 250.000$ the developer needs to start their project of a virtual reality headset.

(Photograph by David Caudery/Edge Magazine via Getty Images)


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