The hour of hologram rang

Innovation is limitless. United States : In museums and during concerts, holograms are everywhere. A hologram results from the interference between two laser beams that reproduce a raised image of an object or a person. Conferences take place with the hologram of Ronald Reagan, former president, result of 4 years of…

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The essentiality of SEO for company websites

SEO is stands for search engine optimization. It's a process to have a better visibility of your website and web page. This is natural internet referencing.    SEO is a method. For good referencing, it's important to create a fine strategy. I'll explain how to attain a perfect optimization and a…

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Big data end e-skills for successful retail businesses

Retailers should embrace big data and e-skills in a sector more and more influenced by technology.
E-commerce is not the only solution. Big data and digital skills can also help retail stores turn into success stories.  Brick and mortar retail stores are not doomed to slowly disappear in the age of online shopping and m-commerce.
But retailers must embrace big data and digital skills if they want to succeed in a sector increasingly under the influence of modern technologies, according to an UK government report, entitled Sector Insights: skills and performance challenges in the retail sector. (suite…)

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Skimming, the first card based fraud and cash losses

 In 2014, 5.631 skimming attacks were reported in Europe. It represents a loss that exceed 275 Million EUR. But the US is the most affected by this criminal technique. Indeed, the US doesn’t use the EMV standard. With these figures, it’s easy to appreciate the threat of skimming on our life.

Article 9 - Skimming, image 1 - Lienhardt Jean-Laurent


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When Social Networks meet the Internet of Things

Social Internet of Things (SIoT) is a novel term, and many people are not familiar with it. In fact, Social Networks and Internet of Things are two of the most promising paradigms in the near future. Aside from affording a connection to the Web, the real change will happen when the smart products will also leverage the collective intelligence of a community of people. It’s time to start thinking about the social life of smart objects. (suite…)

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The IT sector in Bulgaria

6. The IT sector in BulgariaBulgaria is one of the newest members of the EU family. As it often happens in such situations, since its recent accession in 2007 IT and ICT sectors have grown and thrived rapidly. A recent World Bank global report shows ICT expenditure in Bulgaria rising to 6.5% of GDP.
Bulgaria’s IT sector has seen an average annual increase of 17% since 2007. Among the fastest growing sectors are software development and outsourcing. It has one of the highest added values in Bulgaria’s national economy. (suite…)

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L’opérateur 3.0 : JOIN Experience pour une Europe hypermobile

Au cœur d’une société de plus en plus mobile comme la nôtre, est-ce encore acceptable de payer du roaming à partir du moment quand on passe les frontières de son pays ? Libres de circulation aux personnes et aux marchandises, les frontières européennes ne couvrent pourtant pas un seul et unique réseau téléphonique. Heureusement, trois entrepreneurs luxembourgeois ont bien l’intention de remédier à cette situation.

Une révolution télécommunications-IT

Annoncé en avril 2013, le nouvel opérateur 4G luxembourgeois aux ambitions internationales a commencé son activité en tant que 4ème opérateur mobile le mois dernier.

Son originalité réside sûrement dans son offre innovante basée sur la convergence télécoms-IT. JOIN Experience est marquée par l’expérience, les compétences et le savoir-faire de ses fondateurs. Ambitieux, peut-être même un peu fous, Frank Fischer, Pascal Koster et Claude Lüschner proposent l’accès de données via les réseaux 4G à haut débit et misent sur une infrastructure « cloud » accessible partout en Europe à un prix unique. (suite…)

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