Innovation is limitless.
United States : In museums and during concerts, holograms are everywhere. A hologram results from the interference between two laser beams that reproduce a raised image of an object or a person.
Conferences take place with the hologram of Ronald Reagan, former president, result of 4 years of work and investment of one million dollars. Tupac returned from the dead for a moment in a holographic version during the festival Coachella.
Microsoft is working to associate holograms and augmented reality through the HoloLens helmet. It could allow two people to communicate remotely by feeling “physically” the presence of their interlocutor teleported hologram interposed.
Japan : Crazier, a japanese man married to a hologram. His wife is a virtual singer materialized in the form of a hologram by Gatebox, a company specialising in virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The marriage certificate was issued by the company, but it is not legally recognised. The holographic version of the virtual star is locked in a box under a bell and would have cost about 2,300 euros. This domestic robot is able to communicate through connected speakers and recognise faces and movements through sensors. The hologram can smile, say welcome him when he returns to home or remind him when it’s time to go to bed.
China : researchers have invented a hologram that could replace animators on television.
Finally, in London, classes are taught by teachers in the form of life-size avatars. However, it is not a hologram strictly speaking, but a holographic imaging system. The technology used uses a glass panel as a support for the projection of the speaker’s image. Software is used to simulate a depth effect to add realism.

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