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Technological advances are becoming more and more important and are aiming to disrupt our daily lives and especially our health. From artificial intelligence capable of detecting cancers to surgical robots, digital technology became essential in life sciences in order to increase human life expectancy. Recently, the digital twin became a true ally for life sciences and health.

What is a digital twin?

The digital twin reproduces a real object into a virtual model. The virtual model represents, faithfully, the real object. This representation is done using sensors, which will capture all the details to model it virtually.

Digital twin and life sciences: a great combination

A digital twin can improve existing treatments and create new treatments by simulating the reaction in the human body. It can also simplify clinical trials and research through “true-to-life” simulations of organs and responses in the human body. This simulation saves considerable time and money, allowing the evolution of life sciences.

The digital twin, therefore, aims to represent, truer than life, the human and their organs to be able to identify and implement innovative treatments that take into account internal reactions.

Some actors in this market:

Many actors are entering the digital twin market. Among big French life sciences companies, who took an interest in this technology, is Dassault Systèmes, also known as 3DS. 3DS has set itself for a challenge, to provide a digital twin tool that will revolutionize health and life sciences.

Start-ups are also emerging with the ambition to revolutionize health. For example, SimbiotX project aims to create digital twins of organs and blood flows for surgical simulations, and therefore saving lives.

Anatoscope, a French start-up, has implemented 3D tools allowing doctors to recreate the digital twin of their patient with medical imaging.  

Exactcure, another French start-up, allows the patient to simulate drugs’ effects on their body, by using digital twin technology. The goal is to help the patient to take the right and most efficient treatment.

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