Of all the new technologies in development, artificial intelligence (AI) is surely one of the most promising and has implications in virtually every areas. For medicine, we speak of medical diagnosis assisted by AI.
In this branch, the AI BioMind has been developed in Beijing (China) by researchers from the artificial intelligence research center on neurological disorders with the Medical University of the capital.
This AI surpasses the medical staff in the diagnosis of brain tumors. Indeed, the Chinese invention was put to the test against a team of fifteen Chinese expert doctors. The goal was to make diagnosis and predictions of 225 cases. The machine had better results with 87% of cases correctly diagnosed in 15 minutes against 66% for experts in 30 minutes.
This is possible thanks to the analysis of ten years of radio images archive of nervous systems by BioMind. However, this technology is limited to the most common cases and had less good results when compared specific tumor specialists. That’s besause the rarest cases are not archived yet and thus can not be detected
Advances in the field of medical diagnosis like BioMind are not close to dethrone humans but show encouraging results. They will be able to quickly assist the health professional in his analysis to prevent diseases as soon as possible. Finally, these technologies could also be a remedy to fight against the ills of our society: the medical desertification and the aging of the population.

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