What is an A.I?
An A.I, abbreviation of artificial intelligence, is a technology which allows the treatment of knowledge, information and decision to let a machine do some tasks usually performed by humans like learning or music creation.
The term “artificial intelligence” was proposed for the first time at the Dartmouth Congress of 1956. One of the most famous A.I is “Skynet” from the movies saga “Terminator”. In the real world, “Cortana”, the personal assistant of Microsoft Windows 10 is an example of artificial intelligence.
AutoML: An A.I made by Google
AutoML created by Google, is a neural network that is a sub gender of Artificial Intelligence. A neural network is a set of algorithms, inspired by the work of the neurons situated in the brain. The purpose of AutoML is to improve the perception of the environment of robots and self-driving vehicles by developing computer vision systems. To achieve this task, AutoML can create these own A.I.
NASNet: a genius child
To develop the vison system, AutoML have created another A.I named “NASNet” by the scientists. The task of NASNet given by AutoML is to identify objects, vehicles and road signs on live videos.
NASNet have completed this task beyond expectations with a success rate of 82,7%. The second best A.I created by humans fulfilled this task with a lower success rate: 81,5%.
A.I: always more efficient    
More incredible, an artificial intelligence of Google named “AlphaZero” has learned chess  and beat “Stockfish” the best chess game program ever in only 4 hours. This A.I has also beat “AlphaGO Zero” the last best A.I in GO game in only 2 hours.
AlphaZero is a new type of artificial intelligence: it doesn’t learn like the old A.I. The old A.I need humans to give examples: it is called tutored learning. AlphaZero don’t need the tutored learning, it learns itself.
This increasing power of A.I worrying a big number of peoples all over the world, including some famous scientists and technicians.

NASNet is a small step for artificial intelligence, but would it be the beginning of a bigger step for human beings?

A propos de Kevin FROGER