Since Edward Snowden started revealing NSA’s secret information in June 2013, a lot has been published about the NSA and its methods to collect personal data throughout the world. Recently, a new tool has been revealed: it is called ICREACH, and is an internal search engine.
article 12 ICREACH
A new report has surfaced recently, stating that the NSA (National Security Agency) created its own search engine. We know since last year that the NSA has been collecting metadata since 2007, and is still collecting today. The NSA owes about to 850 billion pieces of metadata on their servers. Those data are related to foreigners, as well as American citizens.
With such an amount of information, the NSA had to create this search engine, in order to analyses those data; using what they call “pattern of life analysis”. Metadata are made up of communications, without its contents. Then, ICREACH will include phone numbers involved in a communication, duration of the call, the localization of the participants, IP addresses and even the IMEI number of devices; which is a unique reference. Then, even without the content of the conversation, the NSA already knows a lot about its targets.
With those information and dedicated applications, the NSA can follow people’s moves, explore their personal life. Those tools can also predict future moves, or sometimes reveal their political and religious convictions.
Then, even if the NSA already owes more than 850 billion metadata; about 1 or 2 more billion are collected daily throughout the world. We can assume that this program is not yet to come to an end.

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