Using PPT as a tool for presentation is one of the indispensable skill for every modern people. But are you sure that you know how to operate a PPT for your presentation? How do you deal with those disadvantages or problems that you can face during a presentation? For example, you can forget easily your PPT at home or the remote control will not match with your PC, or worth than this, if the remote control will be out of work. In this case, your presentation that have already advanced should be stopped in a moment.

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Okay, it’s not the case to be disappointed, because all the problems mentioned before can be easily solved with the help of Presefy! This application based on HTML5 was created by a team from Finland which has the power to move up the whole process of presentation by using a Cloud and a Browser. You have just to show up your smart phone and to control your PPT!
First of all, the user have to register an account on Presefy and just upload his presentation.
Secondly, it will be asked from him to login the Presefy website using a smart phone, then simply to click the button “Play” in order to make the PPT active .
Thirdly, the user will have just to open the Presefy website on his computer which will be already connected to the projector and to enter the unique URL of the channel. The PPT will appear ready to be apply.
Finally, in order to manipulate and control the presentation, the user will have just to move the slides on his smart phone and so the appropriate action will happen on his computer.
The big advantage is that these documents are saved in Cloud, so even the long distance between the audience sitting in the back row of the room and the screen will not cause a discomfort in the clearness of the image. Yes, it’s possible, only by acceding the same channel URL from the own computer in order to follow the presentation and to observe each detail.
Actually, the Presefy is free on the market and is allowed only in PPT and PDF format, but a huge opportunity in the future will be the today’s reality: the program will support more formats such as the Keynote. Also, the Presefy will launch its “Pro” version which will be in charge to provide the password-protected documents, downloadable documents, the audience-specific version and for sure other advanced features.

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