Would you mind switch to biometrics payment?

Would you mind switch to biometrics payment? Amazon's biometrics payment method are doing well in the USA. The company's to deploy this solution on their 65 stores Whole Foods in California. Picture created by freepik Customers can now pay at the checkout by scanning their hands above a reader. Amazon's…

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Instant Payments, The Payment Method of Tomorrow ?

  Before November 2017, payment processing actors must ensure that people can transfer money in few seconds instead of several days today. Indeed, the implementation of instant payments will permit instantaneous money transfers, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, notably thanks to the mobile number.    …

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Contactless technology, a true technological revolution

To pay with a credit card or a smartphone, will be possible in a few months in Europe with contactless technology. What are the consequences for our daily lives? What security problems will appear with these new cards? What are the benefits for consumers?
Launched in 2010 in France, a new means of payment is conquering consumers, contactless payment with a credit card or a smartphone. In 2013, approximately eight million contactless transactions were recorded in France, and this number is constantly growing.
So, what are the advantages and shortcomings of contactless payment? How does this technology work?   Is this method successful beyond our borders?
Today in some stores in Paris, it is possible to pay without contact. For a payment of less than 20 Euros, no need to type the code,transactions can be up to two times faster and it avoids having to go to the ATM because even very small amounts are accepted.
There is no minimum amount in this type of payment.A trader need not necessarily have the money or have a credit card, because everything is in his phone. (suite…)

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Sudden rise of the virtual money “Bitcoin”

Euros, Dollars…the powerful currencies in the world are in a trusted crisis. These situations create a lot of uncertainty among people and some of them prefer trust the virtual currency “Bitcoin”. With the years the value of this new type of money has strongly increased.
What is « Bitcoin »?
The Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency created in 2009 by a developer known under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It is based on an open source solution of peer to peer internet protocol. You can directly exchange your Bitcoins from your personal computer without a financial intermediate. Indeed this currency is distributed on the nodes of the network and uses a strong security with cryptography process. Everything is done to avoid the dependence from one central emitter.
Why this phenomena?
The main advantages of the Bitcoins are the anonymity for the payment and the apolitical nature of the currency. To pay something, you must use a dedicated software using cryptography keys. The money is transferred from a Bitcoin account to another. With the loss of trust and the fluctuation on the actual values (gold, national currencies…), more and more people are using Bitcoins. Recently a Canadian have released his house for 405 000 dollars or…6 750 Bitcoins (at the rate of 1 Bitcoin for 60 Dollars). He hopes to be the first to realize a property transaction with this currency.

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