Le géant du jeux vidéo Blizzard ferme ses serveurs en Chine à partir du 23 janvier 2023

En raison de l'échec du renouvellement du partenariat entre Blizzard et NetEase, des jeux vidéo réunissant des millions de joueurs comme le très célèbre World of Warcraft ne sont plus accessible en Chine. NetEase est une société en charge de diriger les activités de Blizzard sur le marché chinois notamment…

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Netflix se voit dans les nuages pour 2018

  Avec déjà plus de 100 millions d’abonnés dans le Monde, Neflix ne cesse de poursuivre sa conquête du globe, si bien qu’aujourd’hui, l’entreprise est présente dans 190 pays. Mais cela ne suffit pas au géant américain du streaming qui aurait décidé de s’attaquer sérieusement au monde du transport aérien.…

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10 millions de dollars pour le vainqueur de The International

Du 7 au 12 août 2017, s’est déroulée pour la septième année consécutive le championnat du monde sur le jeu vidéo « Dota 2 » du développeur Valve. Cette compétition annuelle a vu le couronnement de l’équipe « Team Liquid » lesquels ont battu l’équipe « Newbee » sur un score de 3 à 0. Ils…

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Focus about cross-channel and cross-device

Cross-channel and cross-device illustrates the phenomenon of different connected selling techniques. Customers and consumers use many devices and channels to buy one or several products. Companies must pay a little more attention to meet the client’s requirements, like informations or advices before buying. So, take stock of the situation.

Source : http://www.thesearchagents.com/2013/03/hpaid-optimizing-your-cross-channel-paid-media-campaigns/
Source : http://www.thesearchagents.com/2013/03/hpaid-optimizing-your-cross-channel-paid-media-campaigns/

Cross-channel and cross-device in customer relationship management
Cross-channel aims at mixing different sales channels so as to buy a same product for example. There are several channels like drives, connected stores, web sites, social networks or shops… Indeed, customers can inquire about product at a point of sale to buy it online. Then, they can modify it thanks to interactive terminals. Finally, customers validate the purchase on bar code thanks to an application for smartphones. Companies want to satisfy their customers, that’s why they tend to use all channels to improve their canvass. Not only firms use web-to-store, like click & collect, pick-up in store, productor locator, but also other methods like web-in-store, store-to-web, SoLoMo … (suite…)

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Positive online summer sales 2014 in France

The 2014 summer sales are closed and it’s time to take stock of these sales. There were more french consumers than the previous year but they reduced their spending in stores and on Internet. Nevertheless, e-commerce profits from theses sales thanks to an increase in online business dealings. It managed…

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Free Wi-Fi in "Roissybus"

Since August 4th, passengers of « Roissybus » linking the city of Paris and the airport of « Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle » get free Wi-Fi network. It will be experienced until February 2015 thanks to a partnership concluded by R.A.T.P. and Orange.

Source : http://www.lemondeinformatique.fr

A test justified by different reasons…
R.A.T.P. makes its free Wi-Fi buses available for tourists. Practised for 6 months, this service must contribute tourists to check some news on Internet for their holidays in Paris without waiting to be in the departure lounge or in their hotel. Indeed, they profit from a free connexion for thirty minutes during the road linking the station « Paris Opera » to the airport of « Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle » and vice versa. It corresponds to the half time used to cover this distance. In addition to this, this service is offered by the advertising board called « Média Transports » in R.A.T.P. If the test of this service will be conclusive, its financing will be permanent thanks to advertising. (suite…)

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Situation about e-learning in the world

The concept of e-learning is gradually changing by development of Information Technology and Communication (I.T.C.). Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how and where e-learning is used by different actors in the world.

Source : http://janetclarey.com
Source : http://janetclarey.com

New tools and new methods in e-learning
E-learning allows companies to optimize their costs (accommodation expenses, travel expenses, logistics expenses). E-learning aims at tracking the biggest number of colleagues according to their level thanks to online tutoring (synchronous and asynchronous learning). It can adjust to professional or geographical mobility of people thanks to new tools and new methods in order to have better flexibility and more autonomy. (suite…)

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