It is thanks to artificial intelligence and its multiple performances that police in the UK has decided to fight crime. The New Scientist confirmed that the British police will develop a system called the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS) from this year onwards.
This device, combining both artificial intelligence and statistics, aims to assess a person’s probability of committing a crime, but also the risks that rely on potential victims. This prevention will consist above all in providing assistance to the person likely to commit a crime by preventing the act from taking place and alerting potential victims. The aim is therefore not to resort to early arrests but to provide medical and social follow-up.
The NDAS will be based on a criminal database from local and national police forces. Thanks to these data, the application will be able to find an average of 1400 indicators that will prevent crime and 5 million people are identifiable from these data.
Starting in March 2019, a prototype will be put into service in the Midlands region and will then be deployed in the London Metropolitan Police.This is not the first time that police have used AI to predict crimes. Indeed, China has been accused of using this application to arbitrarily arrest people. Questions then arise through the use of this application, such as privacy and how the data collected is used.

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