AdSense is Google’s advertising agency. It is going to put into place advertisements on different websites or YouTube videos. This agency allows the website editor to manually insert his advertising banners.  However, Google is asking the respect of its guidelines and their advice on a coalition for better ads.
At the time of Artificial Intelligence, Google has decided to integrate Machine Learning inside its advertising agency.

  • AdSense auto ads

This new format will use machine learning to optimize the advertising placement. This technic aims to only display the ads that are susceptible to have an impact on the visitor. The auto ads will allow to save time and monetize in your name.
Machine Learning is a learning system linked to AI. It uses different algorithms based on the user history in order to learn. The goal being to optimize future recommendations.

  • Uses of Auto Ads

In a first time, the user has to choose the ad format he wishes to use. Then, he only needs to integrate a single code line on every website. By doing this, Google will be able to:

  • Optimize the placement: The display of the ads will execute on the condition they offer a good user experience.
  • Optimize the monetization: This format will detect every available space on the website. It will allow them to increase its advertising revenue.
  • Ease of use: Once the code line integrated, everything is automatic. The ad integration will no longer have to be done manually.

It is to be noted that automatic ads take into account the manual ads. These two publication technics can perfectly cohabitate with Auto-Ads.