Connected beauty is the blending of beauty and technology. Nowadays lots of companies are trying to change not only skin and haircare but also makeup. Indeed, brands want to give customers a more personalized experience trough augmented reality and new gadgets.
Basically, brands like Estée Lauder, NYX, BareMinerals, Benefit or Sephora created virtual try-on apps, but in the next few years, compagnies want to go further. The latest CES Show presented new gadgets to help people know better about their faces and hair.
Let’s go back to some new innovations:
At first, Neutrogena Skin360 is an app helping the user to know what is happening under the skin. How does it work? By using SkinScanner, which is also developed by Neutrogena, the consumer just need to take a selfie in order to track pores and wrinkles and also test the moisture level of the skin. Then, users are given a score and some recommended products.
Moreover, L’Oréal created UV Sense, a new edition of La Roche-Posay my UV patch. This new innovation is a small patch designed to measure UV exposure in order to give users advices (by telling when he needs to apply more sunscreen for example) and to give recommandations depending on the skin tone and type. This patch is meant to be worn for up to five days and will be available in the US for summer 2018.
Then, there is also HiMirror. It is a connected mirror giving a smart makeup light, scanning the face to track skin or commanding an entertainment center (including stories and makeup tutorials) with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant.
To conclude, all these connected beauty products are often going to tell things that the user already knows and of course, for instance brands will only tell about their own products…

A propos de Clara CUNY