When beauty is getting smarter

Connected beauty is the blending of beauty and technology. Nowadays lots of companies are trying to change not only skin and haircare but also makeup. Indeed, brands want to give customers a more personalized experience trough augmented reality and new gadgets. Basically, brands like Estée Lauder, NYX, BareMinerals, Benefit or…

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Le protocole IPV6

L’internet protocole version 6 est l’aboutissement des travaux menées par L’Internet Engineering Task Force, durant les années 90. Ces travaux ont été fait pour succéder à l’IPV4.

Les IPV6 sont codées sur 128 bits soit 16 octets. Ce protocole permet donc de

créer 2^128 nouvelles adresses, ce qui fait approximativement 340 undecillions d’adresses.

Pour vous le représenter, un undécillion équivaut à un 1 suivit de 66 zéros. Cette quantité d’adresse considérable permet donc une meilleur flexibilité dans l’attribution des adresses IP.


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Cisco specializes his company in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things should represent more than 2 billion connected objects by 2017 and profits amounting to around 14,000 billion dollars. A growing market, that the company Cisco doesn’t want to ignore by creating “Cisco IoT.”
sibylle2Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate, wishes to participate in the development of the “Internet of Things”. Indeed, the company wants to put the odds on his side to win market share in this sector which has a bright future in the world.
The growing trend of communicating objects and possible uses of these new technologies demonstrate the potential of this technology business sector. With its new entity dedicated to the Internet of Things named: IoT Cisco, Cisco demonstrates the company’s strategic commitment to growth and reflects the skills of the manufacturer.

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The internet of things, what about our privacy?

When we talk about the “Internet of things” we refer to identifiable objects being able to communicate over the Internet or a similar network. The term “Internet of things” was first coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999.

The internet of things takes an ever-increasing importance in our lives. Everyday we are faced with connected objects, for exemple, with connected TV, mobile payment, QR codes. These kind of applications will grow. All kind of objects could be connected: Nike created the connected shoes, when you run with these shoes they inform you about your speed, your route, so you can compare various courses.

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