Google Home is a box which embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and plays the role of a virtual assistant. The device would be available in France on the 3rd august on Google store and the 8th August in a physical store.

After the launch of the conversational intelligence called Google assistant on latest Androïd smart phones, Google Home embedded also this technology. To communicate with the device, the user must speak to him and say “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”. The user can also write to communicate with the device.
For example, it’s possible to tell Google Home to put on/off the light, to listen to music with spotify or command a uber. However, to use Google Home with an other device, Google must sign an agreement with other companies. As a matter of fact in Google signed agreement with french radio station like FranceInfo, RTL or with other worldwide companies specialized in domotic systems like LIFX, Wemo etc.
Otherwise the SDK (software development kit) is open to software developer to create new specific application around the virtual assistant of Google.

Source :, Google Home, HomePod and Amazon Echo

Google Home will be sailed at 149€ in France. The virtual assistant is the first to be sailed on the french market. Competitors, Amazon Echo, understand just English and German languages and the Homepod from Apple would be sailed at the end of 2017 in the US.

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