On the 18th of July, Google announced the public launch of its new service Hire. The aim of this app is to help small-to-medium sized businesses more effectively manage their internal recruiting process end-to-end. Actually, those firms are often not large enough to outsources recruiters.

Centralize the recruiting process

The tool deeply integrates with G Suite apps like Gmail and Google Calendar in order to give recruiters a cohesive applicant tracking service.
Thanks to Hire, businesses can easily manage job postings, track candidates’ contact information and resume resume, screen and interview candidates, and allow the interviewing team to share feedback.
The tool lets you keep comments in one place rather than to create a separate document detailing notes from various stages of interviews. For example, Human Resources managers can schedule a meeting after checking an interviewer’s Calendar or email information to the prospective employees and it will automatically sync across all Google softwares (Hire, Calendar and Gmail).
Some pertinent information is automatically included in Calendar invites, such as candidate’s contact information, the interview schedule, and a list of questions on which each interviewer should focus. However, Google explains that only information that a candidate voluntarily shared are passed to prospective employers.
The service had been tested for more than a year by early adopter customers before its release to optimize the different aspects of the user experience and ensure that the tool is simpler to use compared to competing products. Among these customers, you can find for example LeanData (strategic lead management), Joor (wholesale marketplace) or Brad’s Deals (handpicked deal).


For the moment, Google has not disclosed any price because the cost is based on how many workers the company employs.
Moreover, Hire is, for now, reserved to the US-based business (with less than 1,000 employees) which are already customers of G suite.
For information, the technologies incorporated in Hire was developed by Bebop, the business software startup founded by Google’s current head cloud chief, Diane Greene.
As a reminder, earlier this year (in May), the company launched its Google for Jobs tool for people looking for employment.
So now, Google reaches both the employer and employee sides of the talent recruitment industry.

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