We all have those kind of moment, especially ladies! Those mornings after bathing when you ask yourself what you are going to wear, which blouse will match your skirt. Well, don’t worry anymore! Amazon has it all figured out.
Let me introduce you « Amazon Echo look », from Amazon Echo’s family.

Echo Look is a cloud connected camera attached to Alexa. Alexa is the virtual assistant that Amazon integrates to many of its products allowing interaction.
Echo Look can take pics and videos of you. All you have to do is ask. It can also share them on social media. Apart from taking hand free selfies, Echo Look is composed of a “style check” app . This app will mark your style by comparing your different looks and tell you which one suits you best thanks to machine learning and an algorithm. It can also propose you outfits to purchase. But that will only be on amazon platform of course.
With its Echo products, Amazon is gaining ground on the smart home market.
Questions regarding the data protection remains an open issue. Beside the fact that the camera can be hacked, there’s also a conservation issue. Who will have access to those data? Where are they going to be stored? And for how long? The French law, for instance, have a strict regulation in terms of data retention. There must be a limited time proportional to the data processing purpose. The issue is even more important as we’re not only talking of pics and videos but of all those information Amazon can deduce from your pics. A profiling can be set based on data collected by Echo Look.
What are your thoughts about a launch of this product in France? Do you personnaly think you’re ready to say “Alexa, take a pic” ?

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