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Retro-gaming and emulator have an important place in the Raspberry Pi community! And what if we could have a system that combines all emulators games under a single distribution? This is now possible thanks to Recalbox.

nroZoF1GWhat it Recalbox ?

Recalbox is a destribution intended for retro-gaming, created from scratch by a french developer Mathieu alias DigitalLumberjack.
The advantage of Recalbox is its ease of installation and use. In just 5 minutes your Raspberry is ready for many hours of emulation and retro-gaming.
Moreover, Recalbox has the advantage of offering many emulators in a single distribution. Thus, it is not less than thirty consoles become available, from simple arcade emulator to PS1.g

A compatible emulator with joysticks


Recalbox has the big advantage of natively supporting most joysticks, allowing you to find your favorite games like on a real console.
It can go to your usual joystick Xbox or Playstation or in pure retro style with a NES controller whose aftershocks with a USB plug, without forgetting the arcade joysticks Terminals.
From Raspberry PI 2 model, we can even play several with four USB ports.

The required equipment to make an emulator with the PI


To benefit from this unique retro experience, it will bring the necessary equipment to install Recalbox on your Raspberry PI :

  • – A Raspberry Pi. The latest to date is the “PI 3” With performance improvement over previous versions that offer a more fluid use.
  • – A Micro SD card of 16 GB to a minimum and ensuring that the format of the card is compatible with the version of Raspberry.
  • – A power supply (a micro USB cable will do).
  • – A keyboard in order to install Recalbox.
  • – A joystick (Always better than a keyboard to play).
  • – A box to protect the Raspberry from dust and falls.
  • – And of course a screen display.


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