Founded in 2006 by Halligan and Dharmesh Shah Briand, HubSpot is an editor of business software with the aim to support professionals in their web marketing strategies and more precisely of inbound marketing.
The inbound marketing is opposed to traditional marketing where an advertising is imposed to potential prospects. It can be defined as a set of strategic step aimed to attract the prospect thanks to quality content to convert it into a customer.
Their software for inbound marketing enable to manage social networks, e-mailing, SEO but also publishing content and creating landing page or call-to-actions.
This business was developed on a simple observation: many marketing methods were used to implement such a strategy, and it was difficult to control. So they decided to create a software to manage all of these techniques on one and only online platform.
However, you need to know that the founders of HubSpot have developed the concept of inbound marketing in 2005 after figuring out that traditional marketing had no more success with prospects, while blogs with qualified content were taking a lot more attention.
Following this, they came to a conclusion: the traditional marketing has no effects on the prospects because they no longer have the same lifestyle then thirty years ago. As they explain on their website, today, consumers do not want to be harassed by advertisements, but they want to be helped.
The difference between traditional marketing and inbound marketing is explained like this: the first sends a message to consumers, whether they want it or not, while the second aims to send interesting prospects with content that hold their attention, a content which is informative.
Creating HubSpot was after a second observation: no company offered software to manage all the techniques necessary for the inbound marketing strategies.
However, they didn’t stop at editing software. All the inbound marketing techniques find themselves applied to their business. They developed more than a product to marketers but also a movement and an active community around this “new” marketing.
By applying their own theory to their business, co-founders went far beyond a simple business. Indeed, platform allows thousands of marketers meet to discuss marketing and inbound marketing the application. The community goes even beyond that, it allows professionals to gain visibility and to develop their career through it.
Beside this, a website offers training on the inbound marketing and to obtain certifications. The HubSpot Academy aims for loyalty marketers and other business customers because the training involves only the use of their software.
hubspot academy
All of these are very important to the editor of business software because they can create a culture around their theory and their brand. Corporate culture and inbound marketing is indeed very present in their work. They hope, by that, highlight their pioneering and innovative side with, for example, the distribution of their “cultural charter” or a blog on inbound marketing.
In ten years of existence, HubSpot represents more than 200 millions dollars in revenue with more than 15,000 customers in 70 countries. It has, moreover, given Google and Salesforce invest in its capital up to $ 32 million in 2011.
The software editor specializing in inbound marketing strategy is a growing business (+ 54% from 2014 to 2015) that created a whole community, thereby generating more sales. This community is usually maintained by the communication agencies that offer help in setting up an inbound marketing strategy with this software and proving their knowledge through certification provided by HubSpot.
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