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First European portal offering services of general interest on mobile devices, mobile Proxima is a website designed to promote applications for mobile terminals with a collective and citizen interest. The portal is led by the Delegation on Internet Usage.
It has more than 100 mobile services and applications in various fields such as culture, education, seniors, employment, health, tourism and sustainable development. Those applications and devices have all been validated and labeled useful in the daily lives of citizens.
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Lien sur logo : http://www.proximamobile.eu/

Indeed, the portal offers applications and services evaluated by a jury, which have to meet criteria defined by the regulation. Among the three major criteria, essential to be able to receive the Proxima Mobile label:

  • the nature of general interest , the quality and durability of the application or service
  • the fact that it is free for the users and the lack of publicity
  • the availability and the fact that it is user-friendly (ergonomic) for new users

Among the most common applications there are: the application of the Louvre Museum (4 million downloads worldwide, including 60% in the U.S.), or the application for carpooling named Comuto (more than 1 million users regularly, and the 1rst European platform for carpool mobile).
The Proxima Mobile portal also aims to stimulate the ecosystem services on mobile terminals in France and Europe, as it promotes innovation and the creation of new digital products and services.
The missions of Proxima Mobile portal are divided into 5 broad categories of activities:

  • Selection and labeling of new services that meet the four criteria of the Proxima Mobile rules
  • Coordination of calls to national and European projects to stimulate the development of new applications on mobile devices
  • Animation of the community of players in France via news and forum topics (Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed) with an international competitive intelligence service
  • Advice and support public and private technology players
  • Development of specific services at national and European level

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