The French company AwoX, which is based in Montpellier, is riding a wave of success with the development of the Internet of things. This year, the company has started selling three remote-controlled entertainment tools: StriimSTICK, StriimLINK and StriimLIGHT.
The StriimLIGHT lightbulb is able to play music from your smartphone…what a bright idea!
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In a nutshell, the energy-saving lightbulbs are made using LEDs (light-emitting diodes), and their cooling system, but also with a Bluetooth receiver and a speaker. Their lifespan is estimated at around 30,000 hours.
Not only does the Awox Striim Light bulb illuminate like common 40W bulbs, but it also makes music. It has a 10-watt speaker that is able to create a sound system in a 10 to 80 square meter room. All you have to do is to press the switch to get both at the same time, light and music. Obviously, it is necessary to connect the lightbulb through Bluetooth to a smartphone or a tablet beforehand. It is then possible to listen to the music which is stored on these devices. The Striim Lightbulb is sold with a remote control. It is therefore possible to turn the music off whenever you want. So you will never bother the household, even during the night.
In the near future, the French company Awox is going to launch a new Wi-Fi version of its Striim Lightbulb with a dimmer switch. Among its competitors, Philips has launched Hue, the first bulb controlled through an iPhone, but it does not play music. It is crystal-clear that Awox stands out from its competitors and is one step ahead!
Nevertheless, given the price of the Striim Lightbulb (around €100), it is slightly disappointing that the remote control does not enable people to adjust the light intensity. Besides this, the Striim Lightbulb fits into the new demand for the IOT (the Internet of Things).  Therefore, it’s likely that this lightbulb will succeed in gaining new fans and will be a roaring success! Let’s wait and see…

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