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For a few years now, Google has developed a lab with a knowingly managed hint of secrecy. This secrecy when touching research approaching the way the brain works, futuristic robots, Google glasses, is just what the firm needed to wake the public’s imagination. The name Google X Labs is of great importance and is personally managed by Serguei Brin co founder of Google.
For a few months, more and more well-known scientists went working for google X Labs. Along with the secrecy, the many scientists, the program is a real science fiction plot :

  • automatic car
  • augmented reality glasses
  • stratospheric balloons rendering the net accessible anywhere on earth
  • brain like algorithms

The effects on the press and the people are there and every day, a new article exploring what might have been heard of the Lab appears. This blog currently participates in the collective frenzy. Some results have already been obtained through the release of the google glasses, participating in the global marketing policy of Google.
Tackling problems is the main fuel of the people working there. Most of innovation in computer companies comes now from finding new ways to develop apps. Google is instead placing big hopes in the new mathematical models scientific ideas, most of their projects are indeed far from release but more and more observers grant them an important advance on their competitors.


In Google’s DNA is the aim to understand everything there is on the web. The search engine which remains at Google’s core is confronted daily to new ways invented to circumvent its effectiveness, to people cheating to have more impact on the web. The new speech understanding techniques resulting from recent advances and any new technology in computer science is interesting to Google.
With this lab, google has therefore succeeded in creating a new product, in creating a real great continue buzz around its projects and inspired some of the best researchers to come work for them
We will see in a few months if this policy is going to be the main principle of any big company, if google remains the only major company remaining a stratup in the world or if such an ambition leads to few results and a public disinterest. In a context where artificial intelligence and artificial life resurface in researchers’ minds we can wonder if this new motion will turn out like the previous great hope in artificial intelligence from the 1980’s or if we really are in a revolution.

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