The operating company of the Eiffel Tower France and Google France unveiled three digital exhibitions. Fifty images, plans, prints and photographs of the heritage funds of the Eiffel Tower were accessible to the world via Internet. They also presented “immersive” and “unprecedented” displays that allowed to (re) discover the Iron Lady in all its glory, by a simple click on the internet.

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“Developed in full screen mode, giving pride to High Definition images, synthetic exhibitions, created jointly by teams from Google and the operating company of the Eiffel Tower, plunge the user in the context of the birth of Tower, its construction, but also relate about its opening and its first visitors “, according to the joint statement. The “unique” voice of Gustave Eiffel audio recording is also available online, “for a complete immersion into the world of the Tower.”
A great number of visitors of this famous monument were filmed by the team of Google Streetview. It became possible thanks to technology that provides a 360 degree view of a street, such as: Google Maps and other Google Earth. “These 360-degree views provide a unique discovery from the top to the second floor of the building, and allow the user to move back and forth between time and archive news,” the statement said.
These digital exhibitions complete the panoramic 360 ° views already proposed by the website of the Eiffel Tower.
Google has developed hundreds of partnerships with museums and cultural institutions in order to offer online access to works of art, monuments and world heritage sites.