American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, owner of several major companies from different fields, decided to invest in a new business – gaming console. Amazon already owned it to develop a new Android-top box, which is scheduled for release later this year.

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The release date of the game console to Amazon Resource Game Informer, “Black Friday” (day of great sales in the U.S.) will occurs at the end of November. The device is still in development, and will provide a platform for the current line of Android-games from the online store Amazon Appstore.
It is also reported that the console will get its own game controller. The company itself does not comment on rumors of a possible withdrawal of the gaming device under its own brand. If confirmed, the console output Amazon can stir up the market with a turnover of $ 20 billion per year (in U.S. only).
The same is the resource GamesBeat, who allegedly communicated with one of the developers involved in the new project Amazon. According to him, the company of Seattle has already shown a version of the system, saying it is looking for content for their console, mainly casual games. In this regard, Amazon began massively to recruit game developers.
However, not all sources believe in the seriousness of Amazon’s plans with respect to console games. As you may know, the company is working on a variety of different secret projects. Take, for long-discussed Android-based Smartphone, still has not been officially announced.
Recently the market welcomed two new compact gaming console Ouya face and Nvidia Shield. Soon these devices will be even greater. Given the brand recognition, as well as the availability of financial and marketing resources, Amazon can claim success in this business.
It is obvious that for Microsoft and Sony, whose consoles are focused mostly on a hardened gamer, Amazon does not pose much of a threat. However, companies need to act quickly – sooner or later the market will want to get off Apple and Google. Amazon is playing into the hands of what Nintendo suffers losses from the sale of Wii U.

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