The Internet of Things A huge market
The Internet of Things A huge market

The Internet of Things for what? Interconnect everything should promote the emergence of augmented reality, which is the juxtaposition of digital information on the real environment that surrounds us.   The European Commission, which was launched in April a consultation on the issue in order to clarify the framework for its economic and social development, said the number of objects connected to the Internet 25 billion worldwide in 2015. It should reach 50 billion by 2020.   The economic potential of emerging market of the Internet of Things is simply colossal. A growth opportunity that has not escaped the Prime Minister who wanted to meet the main contractors of this new Eldorado of the global digital economy.

“Silicon Valley” in French

Fleur Pellerin, the Minister responsible for SMEs, Innovation and Digital Economy, who participated at the round table LeWeb’12 “Examining the European Tech Ecosystem”, the government announced wanting to Paris a capital Digital creation of a “Silicon Valley” in the French Quarter of Paris or suburbs, on the model of the Tech City in London.   This new cluster fosters growth and the creation of innovative start-ups in the field of the Internet of Things and attracts investors, according to the minister.   However, policy makers and industry who are interested in the interconnection of physical objects in cyberspace place on a strictly economic.

The Internet of things, as a natural extension of the Internet as we practice now offers much more than just an opportunity for development and growth.   The risk that users experience these new technologies as incurred rather than chosen, already arises the question of permanent monitoring and traceability that provides low cost, a 100% connected. The only certainty is the Internet of Things will change forever our models of society and our relationship to others and the world.

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