An exhibition dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) where the Internet users can take control of 16 items in order to make them aware of the issues of IoT.
So Kanno and Yang02 created “Avatars” exhibition at the Arts and Media Center in Yamaguchi, Japan. The theme of this exhibition? The IoT.
 16 different items are arranged in a big room. There are a car, a statue, a plant, a balloon light, a safety cone, a telephone, a sign board, a stepladder, a fan, moving light, a rock, iMac, a roomba, a projector, a sky dancer, and a pitching machine.  
All these objects are connected to Internet and wait for the orders of Internet users from all over the world. From their computer, anyone in the world via the platform of the exhibition, can take control of an object.
3 minutes. That is the time it takes for an internet user to order an object. Each item does something different. For example, it’s possible with the statue to move in the exhibition room between objects.
Objects are equipped with camera, microphone and sensor to help the visitor connected to incarnate his object and to avoid the objects from colliding.
Because the aim of the exhibition is to make visitors understand the stakes of IoT. Against the backdrop of the age of IoT, where all kinds of things are connected through networks, and artificial intelligence is about to mature, this work observes the new relationships that emerge when inorganic, non-autonomous objects transform into persons that act and perceive the world according to their own intentions (cf platforme of the exhibition).
Video demonstration

Want to try the experience? Just go on the platform and click on start. The exhibition will be held until May 14th, 2017 between 3 am and 12 am in France (due to the time difference with Japan).
Photos of article and cover : screenshot of video demonstration and platform of exhibition.

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