A report made by ceo.com and domo shows how are used different social networks by CEOs of the fortune 500. 4 social networks have been analysed : Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +.

Source image : « CC By 2.0: Gavin Llewellyn »

Concerning Twitter, there are nowadays 28 Fortune 500 CEOs (5,6%) in the social media whereas they were only 18 last year. (3,6%). Among these 28 users, 67,9 % have tweeted at least once in the last 100 days with an average of 0,98 tweet per day. The most impressive entrance in the social network is Warren Buffet, having half a million followers since this year.
LinkedIn is a professional social network. It is obvious that it is the most important for the fortune 500 CEOs. Indeed, 140 CEOs (27,9%) have an account in this population against 129 (25,9%) in 2012. Meg Whitman is the most active in terms of followers and John Donahoe in terms of influencer rank. If many CEOs are present in this social network, it doesn’t mean that they are very active. Most of these persons have less than 100 connections. Yet , it seems that active CEOs of the panel have generally more than 500 connections. It shows that if a CEO is active in the network, it means that he has a lot of connections, which makes sense.
Facebook isn’t that popular for this population apparently. They used to be 38 in 2012 whereas they now are 35 in the social network. Some active CEOs use a page, but they can also create a page or accumulate followers.
Finally, Google + seems useless according to many of them, indeed only 5 CEOs have a Google + account, and their companies are generally in the network, mainly because it helps SEO.
As a conclusion, we can notice that many CEOs aren’t involved in any social network (approximately 2/3). It still represents more than last year, which is probably due to a younger panel, more social, such as Mark Zucherberg or Marissa Mayer. It seems that Twitter will take the 2nd step of the podium next year. We may assume that Twitter doesn’t produce the same kind of noise as Facebook and that socially active CEOs seem to understand the added value of the blue bird logo’s social network.

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