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Starting a Google internship is an exciting prospect for any student and it isn’t necessary to be major in computer science in order to be selected. As with any of the big companies, internships with Google are a great addition to any resume. Google is known for its relaxed, fun environment – making it a popular organization to work for. Moreover, Google has broken the stereotype of a poor intern who works all summer long to finally be underpaid.

 Source : http://dottech.org

Young people who decided to improve their practical skills in this company receive a very good salary, Google being surpassed in this regard only by Microsoft.
Trainees in Google Company earn about $20,000 for 3 months according to the Huffington Post, which means 6,000 per month plus other benefits. Microsoft pays nearly 1,050 $ more than the giant Google.
On the other side of the world, interns at Merrill Lynch earn “only” 1,554 dollars per month and at Scottrade $ 1,715 per month.
All this information was collected from the personal words and experience of young trainees, who preferred not to indicate if these salaries refer to gross or net earnings.
Google generally offers an internship for a period of three months full time. In addition to the main salary, interns have a free membership to a gym and a free subscription to restaurants and massages.
The popularity of Google and its unconventional approach as a workplace makes the internship at Google the “dream” job that many of us look for.

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