You are currently viewing Digital Art: An Installation That Crosses Borders

In a world where technology connects us to places and people thousands of kilometers away, an innovative art installation breaks new ground in human connectivity. This work surpasses physical and cultural boundaries by allowing passersby in New York and Dublin to observe each other in real-time through a screen, thus establishing a visual window between the two cities separated by the Atlantic.

Developed by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys, this installation consists of two large circular screens, each measuring 2.5 meters wide and weighing 3.5 tons, installed in New York and Dublin. These screens offer a unique perspective on the daily life of each city, allowing passersby to see each other without being able to hear.

This groundbreaking project, launched on May 8, 2024, has generated significant interest among the inhabitants of both cities, attracting people from all walks of life eager to experience this unique visual encounter. However, beyond the initial fascination, the installation has also raised important questions about digital life and human interaction in the age of global connectivity.

Unfortunately, the early days of operation were marked by inappropriate behavior, with some passersby using the platform to display offensive gestures or shocking images. These incidents highlighted the challenges of online interactions, emphasizing the need to protect privacy and promote respectful behavior in public digital spaces.

Nonetheless, despite these challenges, the installation continues to inspire reflections on the nature of human connectivity and how technology can be used to bring people closer together, even when separated by thousands of kilometers.

Beyond its artistic scope, this installation also represents a remarkable example of technological innovation, exploring new ways to create immersive and interactive experiences and thus pushing the limits of our collective imagination.

This installation demonstrates how the integration of technology can enrich urban life, offering citizens new ways to connect and share experiences. It underscores the importance of designing digital public spaces that foster respectful and positive interactions, while creating new opportunities for social and cultural innovation.




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