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What is Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh has established itself in the world of food commerce, transforming the way consumers shop by offering them fresh products with a high-tech and secure service. The innovative concept of Amazon Fresh stands out with its ease of access and its creative approach to online purchasing.

Amazon Fresh stores aim to revolutionize traditional supermarkets by offering customers a new way to shop. This revolutionary initiative aims to simplify the purchasing experience by eliminating the payment step through a traditional checkout. Customers will help themselves without taking out their wallets.

How does this system work?

To enter an Amazon Fresh store, it’s very simple, just log in to the Amazon application on your smartphone. Once the application is installed, a QR code will be available, which allows customers to access the store.

To control what the customer plans to buy, the innovation of this project is based on the implementation of a connected cart called Dash Cart, which allows customers to scan products as they make their purchases. The advantage of this innovation is that it offers the customer a fast service without the slightest effort since the items are detected by the camera and the scales are included in the cart.

To maximize the running of this system and ensure safety, cameras and sensors track movements and detect the items you pick up and put back on the shelves.

At the end of your shopping, there is no need to waste time at the checkout to pay, a virtual basket is automatically updated on the Amazon application linked to the customer’s bank card. When leaving the store, the items in their virtual basket are automatically billed and a receipt is sent to them digitally.

Innovation continues to redefine shopping habits, offering consumers more innovative experiences to their needs.



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