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Today’s automotive industry is in a state of flux, with a number of new players looking to revolutionize the market. This is how Apple, always on the lookout for new challenges and innovations, came up with its electric and autonomous car: the Apple Car. Apple is aiming for a market launch by 2025.

Apple’s goals in the automotive sector

Apple wants to diversify its offer and influence other sectors. With its reputation for innovation, simplicity, design and ergonomics, Apple is preparing to enter the automotive market, particularly the electric car market. A market which, as we know, is currently dominated by Tesla. This move into this segment is motivated by an expansion of Apple’s ecosystem and an increase in revenues. The smartphone market is gradually reaching a maturity plate, making it necessary to find new sources of revenue if the Californian company wants to maintain its growth dynamic. What’s more, Apple already enjoys a certain reputation for product reliability and can look forward to being a serious competitor.

Apart from these financial opportunities, there is also a desire to extend the Apple ecosystem. As we know, since its launch, Apple has created an important ecosystem of connected objects. Adding a car to the mix could create even greater synergy, offering an even more fluid and immersive experience. Finally, and this is one of the distinctive features of the American company, they place great emphasis on customer loyalty. It’s a safe bet that this new product will only strengthen it.

Apple’s project initiatives

Although Apple has not officially confirmed its project, many rumours and leaks from sources inside the company suggest that the first autonomous electric car with the Apple logo is under development. With this automotive project, Apple would like to go even further than Tesla in revolutionizing the driving experience. Thanks to a number of cutting-edge technologies, the aim is to create a fully autonomous car, without human intervention. Although innovative, they could come up against very strict legislation in this area. On top of that, in order to be in tune with environmental issues, this car would also be electric, as we mentioned earlier.

On the technology side, Apple will be using many of the latest technologies available, including some developed in-house. These include artificial intelligence and certain sensors and software integrated into the car. To achieve this, they can draw on a wealth of experience in this field, with all the products they have developed in the past. For example, FaceID (facial recognition) could replace the key, voice recognition could be used to control certain car functions, and so on.

With the arrival of new technologies, and in particular artificial intelligence, which is in a period of increased development, Apple’s autonomous car project seems an interesting one to follow.


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