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Welcome to the new era of gaming
Covid-19, shortage of electronic components and consoles, logistical problems… Several barriers to entering the gaming world, but one solution has made the difference over the past 2 years: Cloud Gaming.

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This technology represents an interesting alternative to classic gaming. No need to invest in computers, components or consoles that can reach expensive prices. Now all you need is a simple PC and an internet connection, the cloud takes care of the rest.

Cloud Gaming allows you to play video games by passing through remote servers. No more downloading or storing on your console or PC. No more worrying about which games to delete to free up storage. Just connect and play!

Gamers know how expensive investing in gaming can be. Graphics cards, processors… The list goes on. Add to that the purchase of games, the budget can quickly explode. This is where the magic of cloud gaming works, you can have access to computers equipped with the latest components for even more performance and a better experience.

Whether on your desktop PC or laptop, your phone, or your console, you can play the latest games without any worries. The only condition is to have stable internet access… and a subscription to this service!

Cloud gaming is like Netflix. A registration gives you access to a wide range of games and performance. Which is still much cheaper and more accessible than equipping yourself with a complete gaming tower. Some services are even free but have limitations. However, it does provide an overview of the service.

There are currently 5 major, well-established Cloud Gaming services. Stadia by Google; Nvidia Now; PlayStation Now; xCloud by Microsoft and Vortex. Good news for gamers, since this makes it possible to maintain a low-price base as well as more varied offers.

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