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A big step for Europe
All smartphones will use common charger by 2024 ! By doing this, the EU wants to reduce fees for consumers as well as electronic waste and she’s doing well with these new rules.

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The EU will impose the USB-C charger for smartphones and many others electronic devices. Nevertheless, it is good news for our planet and wallets.

Chargers exported to Europe generate between 11,000 and 13,000 tonnes of waste. It is obvious that such a turning point would make it possible to better control the management of electronic waste, and above all, to reduce it.

The rule will apply to mobile phones, tablets, cameras, keyboards, speakers, headphones, headsets and earbuds. This will allow us to keep a single charger for all of our electronic devices, whether they are new or old.

Apple isn’t pleased by this decision. Indeed, this company is one of the few that offers different types of chargers for its devices.

In any case, the European commission is determined to apply this new rule from autumn 2024 and no company will escape it.

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The Guardian – All smartphones to use usb-c

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