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Twitter has long been a place for people to learn about brands and learn about new products – 79% of Twitter users say they enjoy discovering new things. While building a Twitter following takes time and effort, the result is an engaged community where you can share your latest products, receive feedback, receive updates, and participate in broader discussions.

Turn Your Followers into Shoppers with Twitter Shopping

Starting today, any CMS can use and benefit from Twitter Shopping, which allows you to showcase your products directly to your customers on Twitter. You can connect with audiences who already follow and engage with your brand. Attract new customers who are excited to talk about your products, and manage them across your store.

Twitter Shopping takes your social media strategy to the next level by allowing customers to discover products from your profile. 76% of people surveyed by Twitter agree that conversations on Twitter lead to purchases.

You can choose how your products are featured, by featuring up to 5 items in the Shop Spotlight carousel, or up to 50 items in the Twitter Shop, accessed via a button on your profile. Once a shopper clicks on a product, they’ll be taken to that product’s display page in your store, where they can proceed to checkout. 

Available options with Twitter Shopping :

  • Product discovery on Twitter profile: The Twitter Shop automatically syncs your Store products to your Twitter profile, including images, titles, and descriptions.
  • Curate a Twitter Shop: Choose how you want your store products to appear on your profile: Twitter Store with up to 50 items or Store Spotlight Carousel with up to 5 items.
  • Manage it all from your Store dashboard: Check storefront status directly from the Twitter Shopping Manager in your store dashboard.
  • Increase your audience: Use Twitter’s Ads platform to create a campaign designed to help you build an audience and drive more traffic to your shoppable profile.

Businesses spend countless hours building Twitter followers and engaging with customers. Now, those conversations can turn into conversions, as Twitter Shopping powers discovery and purchases. The app has already made a splash, with 93% of heavy Twitter users surveyed saying they are likely to use Twitter’s shopping feature to make a purchase.


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