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You entered E-commerce because you are passionate about your product. However, selling these products requires certain skills. While “if you build it, they’ll come” is a great premise for a movie, it’s not always true for product sales. This requires marketing.

From positioning to promotions to pricing, marketing can help you attract and retain customers. Fortunately, between the covers of this book, you have a good grasp of the dos and don’ts.

  1. Influence : 

Social proof is a powerful method of persuasion. Take advantage of it by adding references or social media links to your website. The Influence of Robert Cialdini: The Psychology of Persuasion is one of the most recommended marketing books for a reason.

In it, he shares the psychology that drives people to behave the way they do, a valuable insight when trying to convince someone to make a purchase. Although Cialdini’s book was originally published in 1984, it has been revised and updated to suit the changing market.

  1. Permission Marketing

Email marketing is a form of permission marketing. Respect and retain customers’ attention by delivering value rather than overt advertising. Seth Godin is another marketing icon. He has written many great books, the best of which is Licensing Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers – A must-read for small business owners.

Godin’s belief in delivering value up front to build relationships with customers over time is especially relevant in the age of digital marketing, where companies compete for attention in an increasingly noisy marketplace.

  1. Crushing It!

Social media platforms are different, and your marketing on each platform should be tailored to that platform. Gary Vaynerchuk is a bit of a rock star in the startup world, both because of his attitude and his personal story of turning his family’s liquor store into a $60 million business.

His book smashes it! Help entrepreneurs define their personal brands and use them to capture the attention of customers. Here’s a practical guide to successful social media marketing. 


“ What worked for me won’t work for you, however, and vice versa. That’s why self-awareness is so vital—you have to be true to yourself at all times. “

Gary Vaynerchuk  

           Top of Mind

Consumer needs and expectations have changed. Life-enriching content has the potential to build lasting relationships. When a customer needs what you sell, your goal as a business owner is number one . 

John Hall tackles this challenge in his classic Top of Mind. By combining branding techniques with building business relationships, Hall provides readers with the tools they need to be remembered by customers and their business networks.

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age

People want to feel important. Use your business to make this happen, and you’ll make friends and influence others. More than 50 years after its first publication, Dale Carnegie’s classic has been updated and reinterpreted for the modern market.

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age shows you how to use proven principles to build relationships with customers both offline and online, including the core desire to be interested in others, listen and connect.

  1. Tested Advertising Methods

Technology can change the way we reach people, but great messaging and storytelling remain the same. John Caples’ Tested Advertising Methods was published more than 20 years ago, but modern marketers still benefit from it. 

The principles surrounding writing compelling sales copy can be applied to almost any medium. This book gives you an in-depth look at time-honored and successful advertising concepts.


“ The best headlines are those that appeal to the reader’s self-interest, that is, headlines based on reader benefits. They offer readers something they want—and can get from you.”

John Caples

  1. Unleash Possible

Emotions play an important role in interpersonal communication. You need to combine data with creativity to attract buyers and secure sales. If your business sells  to other businesses (B2B), developing a marketing plan requires special relationship-building skills.

In her book Unleashing the Possible, Samantha Stone shows how to market with a partner mindset and make changes in your organization to manage the complex relationship with sales.

  1. Blue Ocean Strategy

Don’t waste your marketing efforts fighting for demand – create it. When you create a market, competition becomes irrelevant, there is a lot of room for growth, and the growth will be profitable and fast.

Conventional marketing wisdom holds that all businesses must navigate a competitive market in order to thrive. The Blue ocean strategy tells us that to achieve true marketing success, you must create and capture untapped market space.

For example, look at what happened when Nintendo released the Wii. Other video game companies focus on making complex games with incredible graphics aimed at serious gamers.

However, Nintendo decided to create a simpler game with non-traditional gameplay by including a motion-controlled game. This makes Nintendo attractive to non-gamers/casual gamers and makes Nintendo something the whole family can enjoy.

  1. This is Marketing

The most powerful marketing methods come from empathy, generosity, and emotional honesty. The best marketers focus on solving people’s problems, not treating people as mere numbers. This is Marketing was a New York Times bestseller and was listed as the #1 bestseller by The Wall Street Journal.

In his book, Seth Godin explores the purpose of marketing and how to serve potential customers instead of just focusing on attracting them. Godin broke with traditional advertising and instead told newbies and marketers that successful marketing is empathetic, not parasitic.

  1. Social Media ROI

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be a hazard. A proven process will help you get measurable and consistent results from your marketing efforts. Using social media marketing can sometimes feel like using a crystal ball. 

Oliver Blanchard’s book “Social Media ROI” gives you practical solutions to unravel the mysteries of social media marketing. It will teach you how to manage, integrate and leverage your social media, so you can make use of every penny you invest in social media marketing.

Finally, marketing your business is the most important job an owner does. These books will help you succeed by teaching you how to focus on your customers, stand out from the crowd, and build strong relationships.

By GASSMI Rachid

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