Brussels intends to make Luxembourg the center of its unification and development  strategy for the European digital market by installing the digital pole of the European Commission.This one wants to make this digital hub its excellence center by contributing to the implementation of the Digital Single Market strategy across Europe. The aim is to bring together the 28 national markets to counter the US dominance of the Internet.
The HPC project, High Performance Computer, continue the same digital ambition and is setting up in Luxembourg in 2018. The Commission department in charge of this project will employ 200 people.
HPC is a supercomputer: a computer with large computing capacities, able of processing several billion operations per second (1petaFlops/second). Its applications will serve many private and public companies because it can provide much better performance than can be emitted by a typical computer. The speed of calculation provides the complete digitalisation of economy in many areas. It can solve many complex problems, such as science, engineering or business. For example: autonomous driving presupposes the collection and processing in real time of huge amounts of information. Based on these data, HPC’s computing power will guide cars without drivers and streamline traffic.
Significant computing skills are needed to develop research and innovation, and these capabilities are provided by the supercomputer. This center is a key factor for Luxembourg, which wants to digitize its economy and respond to the businesses and the world research demands.
The European Union wants to establish a European network of connected HPCs by 2023!

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