Facebook now has more than 1.7 billion users worldwide with 1.1 billion users connected every day. And thanks to its massive database, Facebook has created its own advertising system to compete with Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

The strength of Facebook is undoubtedly its database and therefore for brands, the platform is an excellent opportunity to reach precisely their targets.
Facebook’s strategy is to use its database to attract brands that want to develop their visibility and turnover. So the biggest strength of Facebook is mostly the targeting option. The principle is to reach Internet users based on a multitude of factors, man, woman, age, geographical location interests, training, workplace. So it is entirely possible to distribute its advertisements to an audience that is particularly targeted. This is a great asset and also a considerable advance that Facebook has on Google.
A difference in cost-per-click: Facebook offers more revenue than Google Absence, CPC (cost-per-click) on Facebook is relatively low, which is one of the strong reasons why businesses decide to use Facebook Ads rather than Of Google Absence. As a result Facebook competes sharply with Google all offering relatively low revenue to companies using the platform.
Unlike Google Adwords, Facebook does not target users based on what they’re looking for, but the opportunities offered by Facebook Ads provide access to a very broad audience at a competitive price. Facebook ads provide powerful targeting opportunities and reach out to people who do not necessarily know that your products exist and are not in search. It is an ideal solution to generate more visibility, interest and notoriety for your products and services.
Finally, we can note that in all cases, it is possible to target the Facebook audience according to several criteria, which range from the geographical situation to the behavior of online users, via the centers of interests.
The question I ask myself is whether Facebook will be at the origin of the next technological breakthrough alone capable of dethroning Google on digital advertising.

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