After the French transportation company Transdev became its major shareholder, Toyota Financial Services, the insurer Aioi Nissay Dowa, the Japanese DENSO and the Turkish Swiftcom now also support the young Finnish company.
Already successfully established in Helsinki, Whim is an app that allows you to pay for a single ride on taxi or in public transport (Pay Per Ride) but most importantly to subscribe to various monthly packages with unlimited access to any means of transport.

The Whim Pricing

Hence, the €89 “Whim Basic” plan lets you travel by taxi or car rental with up to €39, providing unlimited access to Helsinki public transport. The €149 “Whim go” plan increases taxi and car rental travels up to €124, while “Whim Business” plan just gives unlimited access with a custom price. Other regions are also available in a different price.

Mobility As A Service

How Mobility As A Service Works
How Mobility As A Service Works
Source : MaaS Global

According to MaaS Global, the Mobility As A Service model was born in Finland in order to reduce the use of private cars by gathering every kind of transport on a single digital mobile solution. It lets you plan and pay for a unique ticket to travel with different transport providers such as public transport, bike and car sharing, taxis and rental cars.
More than just saving money by eliminating parking and car maintenance, the main reasons to reduce the use of private cars and adopt MaaS in our cities are quite clear for MaaS Global. It firstly makes our city less contaminated and leaves space for urban improvements, such as building parks instead of parking lots. Secondly, it improves the efficiency of transports and offers them new opportunities to increase their audience and utilization rate and to have a better prediction of their income. Finally, it provides new options for service providers, such as shops and restaurants, by taking advantage of this new way of traveling and creating dedicated sales channels.
MaaS Mobility is now expanding in the United Kingdom and in Europe.

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