Nowadays, companies are more and more creative in order to touch their clients. People are consuming more and more products and some of the companies want to increase their notoriety using this fact. Ten years ago, sneakers were used to make sport but now, they become a part of fashion because everybody has at least one pair of casual sneakers.

How Nike turn into their profit the sneakers passion of the customers ?
First of all, we have to mention that Nike is the sports brand that has signed under contract the most important number of athletes. When an athlete has some major achievements, Nike creates a collection under the athlete’s name. It happened with the football player Ronaldo, then Ronaldinho the basketball player Jordan and even with the tennis player Roger Federer. The company understood that the name of those sportsmen bring some important profits, because the clients is not only steered by the quality of the product but also by his signature.
They start to adapt this strategy to the sneaker customers and their environment. Since 2012, the sneaker’s sales have increased and a lot of shops that were supplied by Nike were often out of stock for some models. The demand was really high and the production was not bigger enough. When Nike realized that the clients were so interested about these products, they start to produce some sneaker models in limited numbers of pairs. The main goal of the strategy was to increase the reputation of the brand which was decreasing at the beginning of 2012. For example, in 2012, Nike was placed fourth in a table describing the most popular sports brands in France. The second aim was to make the client feels that he is rewarded with a pair of sneaker that only a certain number of people own. They used this plan for some Jordan models, some Air Max and some other casual pairs.
In consequence, a lot of people were starting to camp during the night in front of stores in order to try to buy a pair in limited edition. Nike’s decisions created chaos among the clients and it leads to those kind of behaviours. Some clients were disappointed and they expressed themselves on social networks.
In order to use the social networks and to facilitate the process of buying a sneaker pair, Nike created a method that forced the clients to have an account on Twitter, so they can « follow » the brand on this social network. The idea is that the company announces a date when a pair of sneaker will release and in order to buy this pair, the client must connect to his Twitter account and click on the link posted on the company’s page. We have to notify that the Twitter Link is posted at fixed hours (1 A.M. or 9 A.M. only on Saturdays) and that the sneaker will not be released at any store like Foot Locker, not even in Nike’s stores. The strategy has reached his goal as Nike is now the leader of the market in sport shoes.
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